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Top 10 Multi Factor Authentication Companies in Europe - 2020

In light of the recent high profile online attacks that have taken place in different global regions, it can be said that cybersecurity has become a moving target for organizations of all sizes. Increasing social engineering and other new forms of threats are making the existing password-based authentication systems vulnerable to breaches. Bad actors are identifying and implementing ways to breach security software, firewall, and encryption to steal authentic user credentials and exploit sensitive systems and data. In such a scenario, multi-factor authentication has emerged as a boon for organizations to move away from the traditional password-based authentication systems and implement next-gen solutions for secure authentication and user validation.

Being at the forefront of cybersecurity, multi-factor authentication adds an extra layer of protection to the overall network and systems security. This additional security layer proves crucial in barring an attacker from exploiting emails, manipulating privileges of the users, or extracting sensitive information from business applications and data. Multi-factor authentication has seen several innovations in the recent past, the most prominent being related to biometrics. Enabled with facial recognition and fingerprint scanner, mobile devices have made biometric technology affordable for the masses. Besides mobile devices, businesses are keen to move away from pins and password-based security, and implement physical security with multi-factor authentication to ensure higher safety across their job sites. Furthermore, apps are being enabled with a multifactor-authentication system embedded into the code. So the software built is secure from the ground up.

There is a bevy of multi-factor authentication solution providers offering new-age multi-factor authentication solutions to overcome the security threats and help teams of an organization collaborate seamlessly in the online space. Many providers are developing unique frameworks to secure data storage and sharing. Cutting edge technologies such as artificial intelligence is being merged with human intelligence to tackle the widening threat spectrum.

Also, there are many consulting/ services companies in the multi-factor authentication space that are helping organizations to make the most out of their security investments. These services companies aid in optimizing the configuration of different IT assets and business functions, including email, servers, CRM and accounting. They also support in streamlining the management of mobile devices, user accounts, and data.

In this edition of Enterprise Security Magazine, we bring you the top 10 multi-factor authentication companies in Europe. These providers leverage modern technologies to counter the evolving authentication challenges and improve multi-factor surety options. With several innovative solutions and success stories, these firms are continually proving their abilities in delivering efficient multi-factor authentication solutions. We hope this issue helps you build the partnership you and your firm need to drive success.

We present to you Enterprise Security Magazine’s “Top 10 Multifactor Authentication Companies in Europe - 2020.”

    Top Multi Factor Authentication Companies in Europe

  • Aruba Enterprise serves many leading companies from a wide range of sectors. The approach the company takes and the solutions it provides means that Aruba Enterprise can adapt to any client and can provide customised solutions that fit the needs of the sector the client operates in. The company does not offer an 'off the shelf' solution but believes in working hand in hand with the clients. This includes highly regulated industries that require the highest standard of security and compliance

  • Global ID offers a highly secure 3D vein scanner—3DFVid that is all set to transform the dynamics of the identification and authentication space. 3DFVid is designed such that it creates a three-dimensional pattern of the veins beneath the skin. The vein patterns, unlike facial and fingerprint characteristics, do not change over time, which establishes this technology as the new standard for biometric security systems. To obtain the 3D pattern of the veins, 3DFVid makes use of three components that include sensors, LEDs that emit Near Infrared (NIR) light, and cameras that capture the vascular image of veins. The company’s ultimate objective with this innovative technology is to provide the highest level of security and privacy to data

  • Established in 2012, Idfy offers building blocks for adding trust services such as signing, authentication, and sealing in web and mobile applications for forward-thinking companies. The company resolves complicated and large-scale trust service use cases for international enterprises with its extensible and easy-to-incorporate platform, thus securing infinite business processes every day. Its extra info APIs enables the companies to gather information about individuals and organizations proficiently. The company supports data enrichment from many distinct data sources, both private and public. The headquarters of the company are in Frogner, Oslo

  • Mercury Processing Services International offers payment solutions and develops and handles its payment business on an international level. The company serves customers from the banking and financial sectors across Central & Eastern Europe. The organization’s portfolio is customized to meet the regional, local market, or individual customer needs and business strategy. The enterprise’s expertise in technology is the main driver of improving and enriching its existing business relationships, as well as the primary source for innovations the company provides in the payment industry. The headquarters of the company are in Croatia and Slovenia

  • A leading provider of B2B mobile messaging solutions, websms is enabling businesses to implement a 2FA process via SMS with ease while adhering to the high standards of the GDPR compliance. websms’ SMS-based 2FA involves sending a one-time password to a verified phone number so that the authenticity of a user login is ensured. This process is achieved by SMS2App, websms’ innovative messaging solution. With SMS2App, one can easily send push messages to recipients over the internet into the websms receiver or a company’s application, depending upon the needs

  • Buerotex


    Buerotex supports its clients while they design their digital business processes. The clients can use their data centers in Nürtingen. The company can also be their client’s competent and trustworthy partner for self-operated IT solutions. Buerotex has several years of experience, reliable partners and satisfied customers in the areas of IT security, process optimization, automation, cloud telephony, document management, eBilling and eInvoicing. The company ensures these services work as they securely handle the sensitive data. Moreover, the processes and procedures of the company are transparent and understandable for the client’s economic and sustainable success at all times

  • Daon


    Daon possesses innovative techniques for conveniently and securely integrating biometric and identity capabilities with large-scale deployments that span digital banking, payments verification, insurance, wealth, telcos, and securing borders and seamless travel. The company develops products that support in managing identities in six continents, across the complete identity lifecycle comprising onboarding, authentication, and recovery, thus eradicating the dangers of security breaches and fraud. The company’s IdentityX Platform, an omnichannel approach to biometric authentication, enables users to mix and match earlier security factors with today’s security factors and emerging factors of tomorrow

  • e identitet

    e identitet

    Swedish e-identity is the market’s foremost and safest provider of login, authentication and signing services, as well as HSA and SITHS agent services



    IT Force one of the prominent IT Solutions and Support provider in Ireland. They ensure superior management, development and support of your IT systems while at the same time reducing your IT spend. The company does this by becoming their client’s complete IT department or by supplementing the one they already have. Functioning as a proactive IT management partner ITForce also provide their clients with quality IT staff on contract and permanent basis. Their client portfolio ranges from independent management consultants to some of the largest corporate and government IT departments in Ireland

  • TDNet


    TDNet wants to be trusted partners of global corporate, healthcare and research libraries and information centers for serving their users smartly and efficiently. The company provides its clients with services like Discovery and Delivery, Library or Information Center Portals, and Authentication and Access Management. TDNet helps libraries and information centers to achieve their goals and fulfill their daily tasks. Their team consists of technology and content together as a service. They employ information specialists, content experts, DBAs, programmers, industry experts, technical support and professional services experts to support a range of customers from various industries with global coverage