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Top 5 Multi Factor Authentication Solution Companies in UK - 2020

With the increasing digitalization and evolving online threats, organizations are finding it challenging to combat cybercrime. At a time when growing IoT adoption is creating new touchpoints with disparate entities in the real world, having an effective authentication system is crucial to ensure cybersecurity. Gone are the days when passwords were sufficient for secure authentication. As breaches in the online space continue unabatedly, passwords have been replaced by more sophisticated multi-factor authentication systems. These systems bring several layers of security measures that deter bad actors from breaking into the networks by stealing the credentials of authentic users.

The domain of multi-factor authentication has seen several innovations in the recent past, the most prominent being related to biometrics. Enabled with facial recognition and fingerprint scanner, mobile devices have made biometric technology affordable for the masses. Besides mobile devices, businesses are keen to move away from pins and password-based security, and implement physical security with multi-factor authentication to ensure higher safety across their job sites. Furthermore, apps are being enabled with a multifactor-authentication system embedded into the code. So the software built is secure from the ground up.

There is a bevy of multi-factor authentication solution providers offering new-age multi-factor authentication solutions to overcome the security threats and help teams of an organization collaborate seamlessly in the online space. Many providers are developing unique frameworks to secure data storage and sharing. Cutting edge technologies such as artificial intelligence is being merged with human intelligence to tackle the widening threat spectrum.

In this edition of Enterprise Security Magazine, we bring you the top 10 multi-factor authentication solution providers in the UK. These providers leverage modern technologies to counter the evolving authentication challenges and improve multi-factor surety options. With several innovative solutions and success stories, these firms are continually proving their abilities in delivering efficient multi-factor authentication solutions. We hope this issue helps you build the partnership you and your firm need to drive success.

We present to you Enterprise Security Magazine’s “Top 5 Multi Factor Authentication Solution Providers in UK - 2020.”

    Top Multi Factor Authentication Solution Companies in UK

  • Keyless is a deeptech, cybersecurity company founded by experienced entrepreneurs and leading security experts, building the world's first privacy-preserving biometric authentication and personal identity management platform that eliminates the need for businesses to centrally store and manage biometric data, passwords, and any other sensitive information without compromising on convenience or privacy. The Keyless platform’s privacy-preserving architecture allows users to combine varying authentication factors - like biometrics and trusted devices - for flexible and user-friendly authentication. By linking users’ devices to their identity and utilising various biometric modalities and user behavior modeling, Keyless provides multi-factor authentication (MFA) by design. This means that users won’t need to jump between hoops to access a platform or service that uses Keyless authentication software

  • 1Password


    1Password is built to protect people from breaches and other threats, with the help of other security experts to ensure that the code remains solid. The information stored in 1Password is encrypted, and only the owner holds the key to decrypt it. The company cannot see the user’s 1Password data, so it does not give any opportunity to use, share, or sell it. The 1Password data is end-to-end encryption, and the security recipe starts with AES 256-bit encryption and has multiple techniques to ensure that the owner only accesses it

  • Auth0


    Auth0 runs a cloud-based identity platform for developers. It offers a web-scale cloud solution comprising APIs and tools that allow developers to eradicate the friction of authorization and authentication of their applications and APIs. The company empowers users to single sign-on for applications operating on different platforms with distinct identity providers; add few lines of JavaScript for powering their applications; personalize numerous stages of the authentication and authorization pipeline, and link their applications and APIs to their database of users and passwords. Its platform also enables users to authenticate to active directory, SAML, LDAP, Google Apps, Salesforce, and other IdPs

  • deepnetsecurity


    As a leading Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) and Identity & Access Management (IAM) vendor, Deepnet Security is led by an experienced management team having extensive experience in network and application security. The company’s product, Deepnet DualShield, is a Versatile Authentication System (VAS) that unifies every type of two-factor authentication technique in a single platform. DualShield seamlessly incorporates all commonly used business applications with multi-factor authentication. More than 1,000 organizations globally rely on Deepnet DualShield to secure their VPN, desktop, web, and cloud applications as well as Outlook emails

  • my pinpad

    my pinpad

    MYPINPAD is a global leader in payments software authentication solutions. Its patented technology creates a trusted and hardened environment to protect sensitive consumer data on devices such as smartphones and tablets enabling bank grade, multifactor authentication through the use of card PIN and Biometric credentials for financial transactions, secure sign-in and consumer on-boarding. Available as a service, our solutions allows for rapid and simple integration into an Acquirer’s, Issuers or PSP’s existing technology stack