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Yasmina SANDOZ Sales and Marketing Manager, Global ID

Yasmina SANDOZ Sales and Marketing Manager, Global ID

Our startup, Global ID, specializes in biometric identification based on 3D vein scanning. Our technology guarantees a reliable authentication of individuals and provides strong security of private data.

Our particularity lies in the fact that we master the entire value chain, from hardware and software to design, manufacturing and application development of our solutions.

Our Scanner :

We have just finished a new scanner which is much smaller and more powerful, i.e. faster and with an increased image quality. This development was initially made at the request of hospitals. And we see that it also appeals to other sectors such as banks and NGOs, because it is more ergonomic.

Hoteliers and car manufacturers have also shown interest in our technology and we are even thinking of developing products that could be integrated into hotel room doors or cars.

The Global ID scanner also works with surgical gloves, which was also a requirement of players in the healthcare world.

We have developed 3 specific solutions that include all the respect of private data:

- BioID - People Authentication
- BioLocker - Securing access,
- VeinoPay - Payment security.

Our technology and all stages of development are carried out in Switzerland in state-of-the-art laboratories of excellence in Biometrics (Idiap Research Institute in Martigny), Cryptography (Cryptography and Security Lab of the EPFL- Ecole PolytechniqueFédérale de Lausanne), Engineering (Hes-So Valais/Wallis) and Miniaturization (CSEM of Neuchâtel).

"Our particularity lies in the fact that we master the entire value chain, from hardware and software to design, manufacturing and application development of our solutions"


Developed with the EPFL Cryptography Laboratory, our first BioID solution is widely acclaimed for all the advantages and guarantees it provides. The identification of individuals is extremely reliable and their data is encrypted from end to end, in a very high level. Here are a few examples of applications:

-Border control: Identifying people using biometric data and identity documents,
-Health cards: Access personal health records in a private manner,
-E-government: Use online services after authentication.


BioLocker allows the locking and unlocking of physical or digital accesses while guaranteeing the respect of private data. Authorizations can be established according to the access rights assigned to individuals. The scope of application is wide and we are able to consider all requests. The most requested are the following:

- Access control to workstations,
- Access control to services (hotels, cars, offices, premises, etc.),
- Access control to online services.


At the same time, Global ID developed a solution at the request of the banking sector players who wanted more security for their customers' private data but also for payment security. This is VeinoPay.

At the beginning of 2020, our startup Global ID responded to numerous invitations from representatives of European banks (in Switzerland, Italy, France and Austria). Banks are looking for more security.

Several interests emerged during our demonstrations:

- workstation authentication for bank staff
- identification of personnel to certain sensitive areas
- direct payment in shops

Integration and maintenance :

We are in partnership with several integrators who offer our technology to their customers and are looking for new ones.

Contactless with CANDY:

In March 2020, our startup Global ID announced the development of a new contactless biometric finger vein identification technology: CANDY in collaboration with the research institute IDIAP and supported by the Swiss government.

Advantage of CANDY :

For example, if I take my personnel feeling today, I am embarrassed by my Covid19 mask when I have to unlock my IPhone because it doesn't recognize me. And I am not always comfortable when I have to put my finger down for identification, I am afraid of the virus even if the hygiene conditions and barrier gestures are respected. CANDY would allow me this recognition in complete safety for my health while guaranteeing the protection of my data and access.

I think that this crisis has allowed many security players in various fields to ask themselves questions about the technologies they use.

And I am sure that many individuals are asking for more security for their health and more respect for their privacy, including de facto security of their data or access.

Patent and distinction :

We have a first patent on 3D Finger Vein Biometric Identification technology. Two other patents are pending for our BioID and BioLocker solutions.

Global ID has received several awards, including the European Commission's award for excellence.

Development of European and African markets.

Our French subsidiary, Global ID France SA is based in Paris. It allows us to respond easily to the countries of the European Union.

The RGPD certifications are in progress to meet the regulations relating to the respect of privacy.

We are in the process of opening a subsidiary in Cameroon to meet the needs of African countries and already several ministries of several states have asked us to set up applications to create civil and land registers but also to authenticate diplomas.

For the American market, we do not yet have a distributor. We have been present on 2 major trade shows such as the CES in Vegas and Connect ID in Washington. We have noticed a strong interest from our contacts, so we remain open to new partnership opportunities.