Secfense paves the way for the easiest adoption of passwordless in enterprises

Marcin Szary, CTO & co-founder of Secfense

Marcin Szary, CTO & co-founder of Secfense

There are 4 spaces Secfense overlaps with. Each space tries to solve the "password problem” from a different angle:

- VPN vendors’ vision is to isolate what's important from the outside threats. Users get verified when they cross the border of these 2 worlds. Insider threats are not addressed though.

- IAM vendors' end goal is the unified user identity spanning from on-prem to cloud. Most vendors rely on standards, which enable them to federate identities or require integration works. Even when properly deployed, IAM systems lose the users from their radars right after authentication.

- PAM vendors live in a world of user sessions recording for audit/compliance purposes or co-piloting such sessions when the external workforce is involved. Such isolation layer (ie. browser-as-a-service, remote-desktop in a browser, jump-boxes with extra credentials) adds a lot of overhead for the workflow - which is justified for specific tasks but would reduce the general productivity if used globally.

- 2FA vendors, at first sight, might be considered the most direct competitor to Secfense, as their goal is to have the biggest footprint in the organization. They've already been deployed in almost every organization we've dealt with.

At the same time, their presence didn't solve the problem of global adoption.

In fact, Secfense User Access Security Broker may synergize with 2FA vendors already installed in the organization, by spreading 2FA to the areas previously unavailable.

Secfense main differentiator is in the architecture. Being a man-in-the-middle, that's capable of flexible adaptation to the services it represents, Secfense opens up possibilities that were not available when using any of the previous security approaches. No need for dividing the world for safe and non-safe, when you can spread the protective layer independently of the user location. Complete control over the entire user session (not just the authentication phase). No overhead as the security layer blends into the existing workflow. And the liberation from 2FA vendor lock-ins, which puts the newest open standards (such as FIDO) at your fingertips. And most of all, Secfense solution, being a security broker gives Secfense the best position to roll out the global passwordless strategy in the easiest way possible.